Borealis Point

Our goal is to provide unique premium level services to all our guests

Borealis Point is a small family owned tour operator in Rovaniemi, Lapland. Borealis Point is located in Lehtojärvi, about 25 minute drive from the city center of Rovaniemi. At Lehtojärventie 331, 97220, Rovaniemi.

Borealis Point has a 28m² Laplander’s hut as a restaurant that can fit up to 21 people eating by a table at the same time. A large lean-to where guests can sit by the campfire while waiting for the northern lights.

Reindeer pen where guests can meet and feed reindeer. A sleigh hill for children of all ages. Several large wooden animal sculptures in the yard. A unique lasso game (suopunki) where the guests try to lasso wooden animal sculptures. And other fun snow activities.

reasons to visit Borealis Point


Out of city lights

No street lights to ruin perfect photos of aurora borealis.


Great food

Most of our tours include a real meal with them, not just snacks.


Away from the masses

Our tours are aimed for those people that want to experience things in smaller groups so we can offer premium service for all our guests


Borealis Point offers many different activities for travelers in Rovaniemi, Lapland. The services that we have listed are all located near to each other, so traveling times between them are very short.


We have two luxurious cottages to experience Lapland. The cottages are located within a half-hour drive from the city center of Rovaniemi, just next to the beautiful lake Sonkajärvi.